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Mosquito control starts with an in-depth inspection by Ecopest professionals to identify areas of concern. Any application required for outdoor parties and marriages, don’t hesitate to contact Ecopest.

If you have a mosquito problem on your new property, contact the professionals at Ecopest right once. Our Mosquitoes pest Control always begins with a complete property examination, followed by a written report, to provide the most comprehensive solution to mosquito concerns.

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    Mosquitoes Facts

    In Canada, heavy summer rains can result in uncomfortably high levels of mosquito-biting activity. Because there appears to be a low danger of malaria transmission by mosquitoes in this location, such biting is regarded simply as a nuisance. Understanding mosquitoes’ needs can help us find ways to lessen their impact.  There are three primary areas:  food, shelter, and reproduction.

    Flowers offer sugars to mosquitoes, which provide the energy for flying and other tasks. Wearing fragrances may therefore pique the curiosity of these insects.

    Mosquitoes have a tough time surviving in dry environments since they are fragile bugs. Hot or windy weather limits mosquito resting or flying activity to more humid locations, particularly those shaded by vegetation. Therefore, to avoid being bitten, stay away from heavily treed areas, bushes, and long grass.  Keep lawns trim and garden areas weed-free to make home surroundings less attractive to mosquitoes.  Help keep them outdoors by ensuring home window and door screens are in place and effective.

    Blood is the essential protein source from which mosquito eggs grow. They that feed on human blood respond to broad stimuli like light and, more particular, attractants that help mosquitoes zero in on their target. These attractants include visual cues and metabolic wastes such as body heat, carbon dioxide from breathing, and lactic acid found in sweat.

    Mosquitoes FAQs

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Mosquitoes

    By sight, thermal and chemical signals.

    Mosquitoes eat plant nectars and juices and decaying matter for energy to fly. Females also take a blood meal so they can make eggs.

    Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on or near water. They like any place water collects, from puddles, birdbaths and old tires in your yard to swamps and ponds. You can help keep mosquitoes from laying eggs at your house by ensuring your gutters are clean and removing water if it starts to collect anywhere.

    Depending on the species, daytime, nighttime, and all times in-between.