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This is done by performing an in-depth inspection by Ecopest professionals to identify areas of concern. Any application required for outdoor parties and marriages please contact Ecopest.

Mosquitoes Facts

Heavy summer rainfall can result in uncomfortable levels of mosquito biting activity in Edmonton.  Such biting is considered only to be a nuisance since there appears to be negligible risk of human disease transmission by mosquitoes in this area. Understanding the needs of mosquitoes can help us to find ways to lessen their impact.  These needs can be summoned by three basic areas:  food, shelter, and reproduction.

Flowers provide mosquitoes with sugars which provide energy for flight and other activities.  Wearing perfumes may, therefore, stimulate the interest of these flies

Being fairly delicate insect’s mosquitoes have difficulty surviving dry conditions.  Hot or windy weather will tend to confine resting or flight activities of mosquitoes to more humid areas, particularly those that are shaded by vegetation.  Therefore, to avoid being bitten, stay away from heavily treed areas, bushes and long grass.  Keep lawns trim and garden areas weed-free to make home surrounding less attractive to mosquitoes.  Help keep them outdoors by ensuring home window and door screens are in place and effective.

Blood is the vital protein base from which mosquito eggs are developed.  Mosquito species which feed on human blood not only respond to general stimuli such as light, but also to more specific attractants which help mosquitoes to home in on their prey.  These attractants include visual cues and metabolic wastes such as body heat, carbon dioxide from breathing and lactic acid which is found in sweat.


DIY – Do it yourself – Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, and they do not require much to do so. Even a very small amount, can lead to mosquito breeding. The key to preventing a mosquito infestation is by keeping your yard free of any standing water Keep your gutters clean, fix leaky pipes, fill in garden space that creates natural pools. Keep grass cut short and well-trimmed around the house. Cover trash containers to keep out rainwater, and drill holes in bottom of trash containers so any water can drain out.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Mosquitoes

Q. How many species of mosquitoes are there?
A. About 3,000.

Q. How do mosquitoes find new hosts?
A. By sight, thermal and chemical signals.

Q. What are some things that mosquitoes eat?
A. Mosquitoes eat plant nectars and juices, and decaying matter for energy to fly. Females also take a blood meal so they can make eggs.

Q. How far away can a mosquito smell you or another host?
A. Yes, up to 100 feet away.

Q. Where is a place that I can find around my house where mosquitoes might lay their eggs?
A. Female mosquitoes lay their eggs on or near water. They like any place water collects from puddles, birdbaths and old tires in your yard to swamps and ponds. You can help keep mosquitoes from laying eggs at your house by making sure your gutters are clean and removing water if it starts to collect anywhere.

Q. When do mosquitoes feed?
A. Depending on the species, daytime, nighttime, and all times in-between.

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