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Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Our Trained K-9 offers a 90% accuracy rate instead of a trained human inspector’s approximately 30% accuracy rate – and no other company can offer that! Our Bed Bug Exterminator Services are unmatched!

A trained pest management professional can only detect visible signs of bed bugs in a room. If we want to visually inspect bed bug activity behind walls, baseboards, or under carpets, the room would have to be entirely cleared with baseboards pulled away from the walls. Due to a dog’s keen sense of smell, making his inspection is more thorough and accurate. More accurate detection means that if there is a bed bug, Our K-9 will be alerted to it and control measures can begin.


Trained K9 Inspection with Highest Accuracy

In Canada, the military and law enforcement agencies use dogs to locate firearms, ammunition, explosives, narcotics, missing persons and accelerants used in suspected arson cases. The same training used for these purposes is now being used to train dogs to search for bed bugs. Our K-9 can smell through walls, floors and even underground – long before humans can see any visible signs. It can crawl into tight spaces that human inspectors cannot. Early detection can save human discomfort from bites by detecting and treating hot spots early. Our K-9 has undergone more than 600 hours of training, demonstrating his ability and accuracy in detecting bed bugs.

This is a tremendous advantage for the real estate buyer and the business owner/manager because our K 9 offers a 90% accuracy rate, as opposed to the approximately 30% accuracy rate of a trained human inspector – and no other company can offer that! Our internationally recognized K-9 detection team will inspect your business or home for pests.

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    Bed Bug Targeted Heat Treatment

    Targeted heat application is a one-time treatment that involves three parts as follow:

    1. Thorough inspection is done with our bedbug detecting dog, and technicians
    2. Treatment
    3. Free 30 days follow up inspection


    Part One:  Thorough Inspection

    During the initial inspection, our bedbugs sniffing dog and the technician will inspect the entire place, including all the bedrooms and common areas (i.e., bathrooms, living rooms, basement etc.).  This complete environmental scan will provide us with the exact level of bedbugs’ activities within the unit to decide the best course of action for the treatment.


    Part Two: Treatment

    Depending on the result of the detailed inspection from part one, we will determine the best treatment methods. The treatment uses the targeted steam, chemical spray and vacuuming the nest if needed. We utilize the heat toward areas where we found bedbugs eggs; chemical spray will be applied to the unit’s perimeter and furniture. The insecticidal spray will provide a barrier for any potential bedbugs in areas that weren’t seen during the inspection. The technician will use flush light vacuuming clean to eliminate the large population for the nesting areas. The effectiveness of the treatment is highly dependent on proper preparation by the client. We provide detailed preparation sheets so that unit is ready for our technician to make the most detailed application.


    Part Three: Follow up inspection

    The last step of our treatment is offering a free follow-up inspection after 30 days of the initial treatment. Our Canine inspection teams and well-trained senior technicians will carry the following inspection out. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the treatment is successful and the place is clear of bedbugs’ activities.  If there are any additional recommendations, we will provide this information upon completion of the follow-up.


    Additional Information:

    We strongly recommend inspecting all adjoining units for rental apartment buildings, townhouse/duplex complexes, or high-rise condominium suites. This advanced inspection technique will pin out the infestation source and allow clients to take necessary measures to stop bedbugs from spreading to the adjacent units.


    Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

    Without proper preparation of rooms, bed bug outbreaks are more likely to occur again. ECOPEST has the experience and resources to control the situation and help prevent further outbreaks. Most tenants are not aware of adequately preparing a room before treating their suite. It is challenging for some clients when they have limited time and mobility to prepare rooms for treatment. Our service will ensure that rooms are correctly prepared, and appropriate order is restored once treatment is complete.

    If you would like to book a preparation, please call our office at 780-448-2661 or email us at

    Bed Bug Heat Chamber Treatment

    What is a heat chamber?
    The heating chamber is an eco-friendly method for getting rid of bedbugs and wood-destroying insects in furniture and other items. The heating chamber will heat items to 45°C and maintain a bedbug killing temperature for four hours. This effectively treats items that are sensitive to chemicals, cannot be treated, or that you would prefer not to treat with traditional insecticides. Using heat to kill bedbugs and their eggs allows for easy and efficient eradication of bedbugs on high-value bedding and luxury fabrics without the stains, mess, or toxins caused by chemical treatment. Hot air can penetrate cracks and crevices a lot better than a chemical or dust in a safe and non-staining manner.

    How much does it cost?  And how big is each chamber?
    For the price, please call Ecopest Inc office at:
    780-448-2661 or 1-866-ANY-BUGS
    Dimension of small heat chamber: 8*12 ft
    Dimension of big heat chamber:  12 * 20 ft

    What items can I bring for Heat Chamber?
    – Bedbugs Infested furniture
    – Luggage (empty or full)
    – Backpacks, books
    – Sleeping bags
    – Clothing/linens
    – Bed pillows and decorative pillows
    – Shoes/Boots
    – Children’s plush toys
    – Dry clean only fabrics
    – Mattress & box springs
    – Electronics & appliances

    The chamber can accommodate furniture from a 600 square foot 2 bedroom apartment.

    NOTE: Be aware that some items will either explode or melt, such as aerosol cans, candles, paintings, photographs, and other heat-sensitive materials when considering the heat chambers.

    Items that do not require heat chamber:
    – Anything washable, such as clothes, dishes, outdoor equipment, kitchens utilities etc.

    Items that can’t be placed into the heat chamber:
    – Pictures, oil painting, anything that is flammable or will melt, candles, cosmetics, lipsticks etc.

    Why Should I Use a heat chamber?
    Heat chamber provides the perfect security and peace of mind for the frequent business traveller, family who travels abroad, person who is concerned about the growing threat of bed bugs, family of any college student, family who travels away from home and stays in any hotels, or for that matter anyone who simply does not want to deal with an infestation of bed bugs in their own home. With a heat chamber, you’ll never have to worry about bringing home bedbugs again! After any trip, please drop off your luggage or clothing in our heat chamber for the small investment for your home; Ecopest will provide the most environmentally friendly bedbugs protection and peace of mind.

    Bed Bug Facts

    Bed bugs are small, flat, reddish-brown insects that are found in people’s bedrooms. They can be found along mattress seams, box springs, headboards, and baseboards, where they hide during the day. Bed bugs have a one-year life span, during which time a female can lay 200-400 eggs depending on food supply and temperature. Eggs hatch in about ten days.

    They will bite during the night, leaving minor, itchy red marks like a mosquito bite. The level of reaction varies from person to person. Often these bites are found in rows on the arms, legs and torso.

    It is important to note that bed bugs (unlike some other insects) are NOT an indicator of poor cleanliness, lack of sanitation or lousy housekeeping. Bed bugs only need to have a person living in a home, regardless of the conditions.

    Bite marks are the usual indicator that bedbugs are present. Most people have reactions of itchy red marks, but some people don’t react to their bite. Asides from bite marks, an indication that you may have bedbugs are the droppings they leave on sheets, pillows, and blankets. These look like small black drops of blood.

    The best indicator of bedbug activity is the bed bug itself.
    Bed bugs, in the past, were thought to be eradicated. Recently, due to increasing travel worldwide and decreased pesticide use in general (hotels), there has been a dramatic rise in bedbugs. People who travel can pick them up in their suitcases and clothing and bring them back into their homes.

    If you think you may have a problem with bed bugs, you would need to inspect the bedroom thoroughly. Check the mattress seams, box springs, spaces or cracks in headboards, along the baseboards, and any small gaps that the bed bugs could hide in that are close to your bed, between the cushions of couches and chairs, under area rugs and the edges of carpets.

    If you find bed bugs or are noticing symptoms, please give ECOPEST (or your management company) a call so the problem can be appropriately diagnosed and treated. By doing this, you can help keep your building well maintained.

    Female & Male Adults
    Why Are They a Problem?
    – Bed bugs feed on blood
    – Bite is typically painless
    – Bite location does not have any characteristic red spot
    – About 80% of bite victims develop an allergic reaction to the saliva from the insect

    Are they dangerous?
    – They have been found to carry 27 different disease organisms
    – Plague
    – Relapsing fever
    – Tularemia
    – Q Fever
    – Never proven of human biological transmission

    Why Are They “Back”?
    – Several theories
    – Never went away
    – Increase in international travel schedules
    – Luggage, clothing, airplanes
    – Change in pest control procedures & training
    – Decreased use of residual pesticides
    – Furniture rental and used furniture

    Signs of an Infestation
    – Smell
    – Emits a sweet odour described as obnoxiously sweet
    – Spots
    – Blood spots on bedding
    – Welts on occupants
    – Live insects

    Where Are They?
    – Bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices close to food sources
    – Cryptic
    – Nocturnal
    – Great hitchhikers
    – Can survive almost any transportation mode
    – Have been found and treated on aircraft and cruise ships

    Public Misconception
    An infestation of bed bugs is NOT evidence of unclean or unsanitary living areas. World-class hotels have reported bed bug infestation in recent years, perhaps due to the increased domestic and international mobility of society in the past few decades

    The Enemy
    – 5 instars in the nymphal stage, gradual metamorphosis takes 38 to 45 days
    – Must have a blood meal to moult from each instar
    – Can survive extended periods without blood meal in between each moult
    – Average life span is about 6 – 9 months
    – Known to survive without a blood meal
    – Nymphs 3 months
    – Adults up to a year

    Bed Bugs FAQs

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Bed Bugs

    People often spread bedbugs through travel. When visiting a hotel, hostel, family, or friends through an overnight visit or a day visit, they can become unwelcome passengers.  Once introduced, they can spread through an apartment building (from unit to unit).

    Everyone has a different allergic reaction towards the bites. Some people do not react when bitten; therefore, they do not feel itchy and do not notice any bites on their bodies. We suggest carrying out the bedbugs sniffing dog inspection to your place; alternatively, you can always check with your doctor.

    These look like mosquito bites; however, not everybody reacts to the bedbug’s bite, and some react more. It depends on a persons’ allergy level to the bite. They are usually red, slightly raised, and itchy when a reaction occurs. Also, the bites appear in rows or circles along arms or legs.

    No studies have shown that bedbugs can transmit any diseases.

    Temperatures must be below -30 degrees Celsius for 6-8 days to kill bedbugs. The cold temperature doesn’t kill the bedbugs’ eggs, so the eggs could hatch and re-infest your unit if you brought it back inside. A hot wash and a hot dryer are better methods to kill bedbugs.

    No, that is probably thermal heat application, and it is a different procedure than our targeted heat application. Our targeted heat application will be more productive because it will be a combination of inspection, targeted steam/insecticidal spray/vacuuming of nesting areas, with 30 days follow-up. We always inspect the entire place first, find the sources of the problem, and concentrate our application toward the infested areas. (Bedbugs are not always everywhere in the house, they are most likely near the resting areas; therefore, it is not necessary to heat the entire house.

    Yes, we do guarantee the job. If the preparation and recommendations are followed, we will provide a three-month guarantee for a single house and 30 days for a townhouse/duplex apartment. If all the adjacent units’ inspection is done, if they are clear or will be treated, then we can provide three months guarantee.

    Border collie and Beagle cross jack Russel

    Florida Canine Academy

    Our sprays do not stain. We don’t spray on leather or similar materials, as it can soak in and cause damage.

    We will only spray/treat the seams/edges of the furniture, like the seam of the mattress, underneath the bedframe, plus the client always needs to use clean bedding and do a thorough vacuuming to the treated place. For most cases, we do not spray dining tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, electrical appliances etc.

    Alternatively, we can suggest a heat chamber to the client, and it will a chemical-free way to eliminate bedbugs.

    The spray is non-volatile and therefore is not in the air.

    Fumigation is an old treatment method, and we do not do fumigation to house/apt; we will make the targeted heat application to eradicate bedbugs.

    Pets need to be out of the unit on the job day.

    We do not want animals to disturb our dog for the inspection, as this is a working K-9 dog. No feeding is allowed as well.

    For the treatment, the customer needs to take them away and make sure that they should be out of the place for at least 4 hours.

    Spray is the old traditional way to kill bedbugs; the spray doesn’t penetrate the bedbug eggs; therefore, three treatments every two weeks are necessary to catch the eggs hatching and eradicate newly-hatched nymphs. We always recommend the targeted heat application, which is a more effective way to treat bedbugs.

    We recommend washing all clothing that could have come into contact with the bedbugs. This is especially the case for clothing on the floor, from suitcases and drawers. If it doesn’t touch the floor, hanging clothing should be okay.

    Yes, please follow the preparation sheet; we will inspect and treat the entire house, including the basement, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. Please try your best to do the preparation, the better prepared you do, the better job we can carry out. (But we do not spray/treat kitchen cupboards, cabinets, pantry, as bedbugs do not stay in these areas.)

    You can leave a heavy piece of furniture, and our technicians will work around it.

    We would only recommend getting rid of the mattress if there is a severe infestation, especially if the mattress is ripped and the bedbugs can get inside the mattress itself. Our technicians will recommend this on site to either yourself or your resident manager. There are other alternative ways to keep it, such as using the heat chamber or mattress/box spring covers.

    This will get rid of the bedbugs on your mattress, but it doesn’t take into account the bedbugs behind the baseboards and other gaps.

    No. This can help contain them inside the mattress, but it doesn’t kill the bedbugs. If you have covered your mattress or couch with plastic, we recommend removing it before a spray treatment. If it is left on, our spray can’t penetrate the plastic to kill the bedbugs. We sell mattress/boxspring covers that can be used to keep your mattress/boxspring bedbug-free after the final treatment.

    It is normal to notice some activity two weeks after the spray. Our spray has an excellent residual effect. So, the bedbugs will come in contact with the chemical. It is recommended to continue vacuuming the bugs for at least two weeks. Please keep monitoring the activity for two weeks, and if the activity continues to increase, please contact our office again. I will send my tech to do a remedial spray. ( if the client called again after two weeks, then get exact details, such as got bites, area that they found the problem, live or dead bedbugs, bed/couch has activities etc., send a tech for a remedial.

    You should consult this situation with your doctor. You can get the MSDS sheet on our website. We are not doctors, and we cannot provide suggestions if this is related to your health.

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