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Flea Extermination Services

Fleas are more than just a biting nuisance; they can transmit several diseases to humans and animals. If you suspect that fleas have invaded your home or business and are causing grief for your pet, our team at Ecopest can help. When you notice excessive scratching from your dog or cat, start by inspecting their skin and fur to determine if you have a flea problem. Ignoring these signs will make your pet suffer more, but it can intensify the problem, allowing the fleas to reproduce quickly and eventually infest your carpeting, furniture, and more.

Fleas are blood-feeding insects; they feed on warm-blooded animals, including humans. There are over 2000 species of fleas in the wild, with just a few being of threat to humans, namely the cat flea, dog flea, human flea and oriental rat flea. Fleas can live both outdoors and indoors. They are brought indoors by infested pets or wildlife such as rodents, raccoons and skunks. Then once inside, they make themselves at home, harbouring in pet beds, on the couch, in carpeting, and furniture – anywhere close to their host. They can inhabit and breed outdoors in places frequented by pets or wildlife, typically in cool, shady areas protected from sunlight.

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    Should I Be Concerned About Fleas?

    Fleas survive by feeding on your pets for nourishment by biting their skin, sucking their blood and then reproducing. Their process can cause pain and irritation for your pet, but it can also result in secondary skin infection resulting from scratching or dermatitis. Fleas also transmit issues to your pets, such as tapeworms and disease-causing pathogens. If you don’t control the fleas with proper treatment, a severe infestation can lead to a severe medical condition for your pet, possibly resulting in death.


    How to Find if There Are Fleas

    First, start by checking your pet, and if they are constantly itching or scratching, you will want to inspect their skin and fur for fleas. It is pretty easy to spot adult-sized fleas crawling on their skin and coat, or you may see them jump. Things that may help identify a flea:

    • Fleas can jump up to about 15 cm vertically
    • An adult flea is about 2 to 3 mm long and is wingless
    • Flea’s colouring is typically reddish or dark brown
    • The body is thin, flat from side to side, with prominent jumping legs
    • Except for the human flea, fleas have combed like spines around the “neck” and mouth.

    How Do I Get Rid of Fleas?

    Fleas are tough to control because of their small size and ability to live on pets and other parts of the house and the outdoor area. To completely get rid of them, you need an integrated, comprehensive treatment to kill the fleas in all life cycles, not just the adults, both indoors and outdoors and on the pets. The process includes setting up flea traps around your home and using a flea collar and shampoo on your pet to target the adults. Vacuuming or steam cleaning your home is also a practical approach to removing or killing the fleas developing and hiding in the furniture and carpeting. You can supplement the above methods with strict application of appropriately registered and labelled flea products. Ultimately, proper and effective treatment is always best serviced by a professional pest control company.


    How Can I Make Sure That They Stay Away?

    At Ecopest, our professional team will develop a monitoring system and ensure you have all the information you need to keep the fleas from coming back. Some options you can do right now to prevent a flea infestation are:

    • Make sure your pets have flea collars
    • groom your pet frequently using a flea comb or take them to a professional groomer
    • Frequent vacuuming or steam cleaning
    • Wash pet bedding and resting areas often
    • Do not allow pet fur to build up in cracks or crevices
    • Remove items that commonly attract and breed fleas outdoors, such as leaf litter, tall grass, etc.
    • If you find nests on your property, remove them as they can harbour and breed fleas into your yard, which can then jump onto your pet.
    • You should also talk to your vet about the treatment options available for your pet to keep the fleas off.

    Over-the-counter products alone are not enough to combat a flea infestation. An integrated approach is essential. When you need effective flea control, you can rely on the experts at Ecopest to get rid of them for good. We have a proven record of effective flea termination. We will help control fleas by eliminating their active population, breaking their reproductive life cycle, and eliminating the ideal conditions that promote infestation.

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