Gopher Control Services

Gopher Control Services

Gopher Control begins with a thorough inspection by Ecopest professionals to identify areas of concern. Ecopest offers gopher control services for both residential and commercial customers. Contact us today, and schedule an inspection with a gopher control specialist. 

We will provide a complete property examination, followed by a written report, to provide the most comprehensive solution to gopher concerns.

We are the most trusted pest control business experienced with Gopher Control Services. We have extensive expertise dealing with Gopher Control Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, and across Canada as the uncontested specialists in pest control service.

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    Gopher Facts

    Gophers spend most of their lives underground, digging complex tunnel systems to protect themselves from predators like snakes and birds of prey. They build their burrows by digging the main tunnel up to 18 inches below the ground and then excavating a series of lateral tunnels that branch off from the main one. Burrows keep gophers protected as they forage for food and raise their young.

    Gophers play a beneficial role in nature, as their constant tunnelling increases soil fertility. However, their presence can also create headaches for property owners, as gopher burrows can include up to 600 feet of tunnels marked by mounds of dirt that ruin the appearance of lawns and gardens. Gopher issues also arise when the rodents feed on garden crops, ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs.

    Gopher FAQs

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Gophers

    Gophers are very common in Canada and go by many names, which include:

    • Pocket gophers
    • Prairie gopher
    • Yellow gopher
    • Flickertail
    • Richardson’s ground squirrel.

    One of the most evident signs that gophers are on your property is the mounds of fresh soil. These mounds are often shaped like crescents or horseshoes, whereas mole mounds are circular. Gophers also do not create long surface runs, unlike moles.

    Richardson’s ground squirrel is the most common species of gopher found in Western Canada. The adult gopher is about 12 inches long, and its weight can vary significantly with the time of year and its location. Once they emerge from hibernation, gophers weigh between 0.44 to 0.88 lbs, but by the time they hibernate again, this may have risen to nearly 1.65 lbs. On average, male gophers are slightly larger and heavier than females. They are dark brown on the upper side and tan underneath. The tail is shorter and less bushy when compared to other ground squirrels, and their external ears are so short as to look more like holes in the animal’s head.

    Gophers live in underground burrows. They typically choose to make their burrows in areas of loose, sandy soil where the surrounding plant growth acts as both food and cover. With this, lawns and crop fields are ideal nesting sites for gophers. The pests show a particular fondness for alfalfa fields but will also dig burrows under cemeteries, golf courses, hayfields, and roadsides. They like to live alone except when raising their offspring, which are cared for exclusively by the mother.

    Though gophers spend most of their time underground, and out of sight, the damage they leave behind is apparent and displeasing to the eye. Their massive burrows and tunnelling can ruin lawns, while their feeding habits can destroy gardens and flowerbeds. While burrowing, gophers excavate mounds of soil, which become eyesores scattered around the yard. If left untreated, gophers can sometimes damage water lines and sprinkler systems by digging and gnawing. Their tunnels can disrupt the flow of irrigation water, resulting in soil erosion.

    Removing gophers from your property is a task that requires the experience of professionals. Depending on the population size of the gophers on your property, your Ecopest specialist will either use traps or burrow fumigation treatments to control them.


      • Trapping is effective in small populations; however, it is not recommended for reducing or eliminating a large population of gophers because of their complex burrow and tunnel systems. If traps are set, they are underground traps that eliminate the gopher humanely.

    Other Treatments:

        • Larger colonies may require treatments such as gas, bait or rodenticides to deal with the greated amount if gophers in the area.