Commercial and Industrial Pest Management

Commercial Pest Control Services

At Ecopest Inc, we specialize in commercial and industrial pest management programs. Pests can cause a massive threat to your commercial facility as they are capable of making significant problems from their small presence. If you are an owner of a commercial facility exposed to the entrance and habitation of pests, it is time to call one the commercial pest control experts at Ecopest. We can assist with rodent prevention and insect control to pigeon removal and clean-up.  Ecopest will inspect your business’s issues and create a customized maintenance program to suit your needs.

We have specialized pest control programs for restaurants, breweries, large construction sites, long-term care homes, retail locations, and many other large and small industrial and commercial facilities. Regardless of your business’s needs, Ecopest will ensure that any issues with pests will be kept under control.

Why do You Need Commercial Pest Management?

As a business owner, you know the public’s opinion of your business.  Unwanted pests don’t only cause issues for the location itself, but they can also create a negative impact on your reputation as a business owner. Even if the pests cannot be seen directly, the damages they cause to your facility can be unmistakably public. When pests enter and damage your commercial property, the costs can be greater than hiring a professional pest control company like Ecopest.

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    Commercial Industries Serviced by Ecopest:

    Restaurant & Food Services


    apartment pest control

    Apartment & Property Management

    agricultural pest control

    Green Houses & Agricultural Facilities

    restaurant pest control

    Food & Beverage Processing

    healthcare pest control

    Long-Term Care & Medical Facilities

    bed bugs in luggage

    Hotels & Resorts

    warehouse pest control

    Warehouse & Distribution

    The steps that we take to ensure that your business is Pest Free:

    Inspection: It is imperative to determine the cause and scale of the infestation before setting a treatment plan. Our initial visit to your business will be to complete a thorough inspection of the impacted areas.

    Detection: Regardless of the size of your commercial property, our technicians will take all of the necessary steps to detect every threat you have, from insects to rodents or birds.

    Schedule a Date: Ecopest is aware of the value of our client’s time, and we take exceptional care in sticking to a schedule that has been set. We respect that as a business, it is crucial not to impact the day-to-day operations with things such as pesticides being sprinkled about or machines rumbling loudly. This is another reason why Ecopest remains a trusted name for commercial pest control services in Canada.

    Treatment: The treatment process of commercial pest control services offered by Ecopest is completed safely and responsibly. We ensure that all staff and clients are not exposed to chemicals, pesticides and electronic traps during the treatment process.


    Bed Bugs

    Bees, Wasps & Hornets




    Flying Insects


    maplebug control

    Maple Bugs

    Moles & Voles



    Pillowbugs & Sow Bugs