Bat Control in Edmonton.

Bat Removal Services

You can find several species of bats in Canada; however, the Little Brown Bat is the most common species. Bats play an essential and integral part in our ecosystem. They use their highly trained radar to catch night-flying insects and can consume up to half their body weight every night in moths, mosquitoes, beetles, crickets, grasshoppers, and flies. A single little brown bat, weighing around 6 grams, may catch up to 600 insects an hour when in its preferred habitat, near water. For Bat Removal Services, don’t hesitate to contact Ecopest today!

If bats were limited to only the outdoors, they would be one of our favourite animals. But bats tend to come close to homes and commercial properties, which can cause issues. Bats enter a home or commercial building for various reasons. They can use buildings as a temporary daytime roost, a nursery to rear their young, or, on occasion, a hibernation site. Home attics tend to be a favourite location for bats. If bats you find bats living in your attic during the spring or summer, it is likely a nursery colony of a common species. Female bats can bear one baby or pup a year in spring, and they often choose dark, private attics as maternity roosts because the warm, protected conditions are ideal for rearing their pups. Residents in the house can often hear the pups making distress calls to their mothers, who can identify their squeaking pup from amongst hundreds of others in a maternity roost. As with all babies, the pups depend on their mothers to feed them until they can take care of themselves by being able to fly and hunt independently. By late summer, they should be able to fend for themselves. In September, bats typically travel and spend 6-8 months in a winter hibernation site and don’t return until springtime.

Ecopest is a humane pest control service in Canada, providing bat removal and control services to any property that needs it. Contact Ecopest to learn more about the treatment of bats.

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    Risks of Bats Living in Your Home or Business

    Although beneficial in many ways, Bats pose a substantial risk to humans when they move into our homes or businesses. Bat colonies, if left unchecked, can become quite extensive over time. Bat guano can build up into large mounds, and as with any animal feces, there are many dangerous bacteria. The build-up of guano poses a risk for anyone who disturbs this waste when entering the attic area. Humans can become quite ill from breathing in these pathogens and should always wear a respirator mask when investigating or cleaning a bat roost.

    The other health risk involves what the bats may introduce into your home. Like any animals that live outdoors, bats can develop infestations of fleas, ticks, mites, and even bat bugs (similar to bed bugs). As the bat population in your attic grows, these pests can move into the living space of your home or business and start to feast on humans.

    Why Humane Bat Control? 

    Bats are a critical part of the ecosystem, but they’re at risk due to disease, loss of habitat, usage of certain types of pesticides, and human extermination. It is in our best interest to keep the bat population as plentiful and healthy as possible. We need to be concerned that they can also bring disease, damage, and other risks onto your property. Therefore humane pest control is the solution, and Ecopest bat control services offer:

    • Safe and effective removal.
    • The elimination of droppings (guano).
    • Exclusion so no new bats (or other wildlife) will live on your property.

    At Ecopest, we provide bat removal services for both homes and businesses, and in some cases, we can come quickly in the event of a more significant bat emergency. Contact us today to get a free quote.