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Ecopest pest control services in Vancouver are proud to offer eco-friendly treatment methods to mitigate insect infestations with reduced environmental impacts.

We find that environmental impact is one of the most critical issues the pest control industry faces.

Ecopest has proven insect monitoring and pest control methods that have been highly successful for decades in Vancouver. We use an integrated approach to pesticide management to reduce the use and emphasize preferential environmental alternatives.

Our skilled technicians use pesticides wisely and effectively by monitoring pests and measuring the extent of the infestation.

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    Exterminator in Vancouver

    Our team of skilled Exterminators in Vancouver is standing by, ready to help you with your pest control issues. Ecopest is proud to have served in Vancouver for over 30 years, remedying countless pest issues. You can put your mind at ease when Ecopest is on your extermination job.


    All of our technicians are well-qualified, experienced professionals who understand “a job well done” means being proactive and getting to know the customers’ long-term needs and offering customized solutions. We believe in delivering the highest quality results, but as an exterminator in Vancouver, we value our reputation and let our past work speak for itself. Please review some of our client testimonials and judge for yourself if Ecopest is the company for your pest control needs.

    Ecopest Reviews

    Linda Bessant
    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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    One of us is deathly allergic to wasp and bee stings. Neil sprays our home and cabin properties every year, and has also looked after mouse and skunk issues. He is very reliable, friendly and efficient and we are extremely happy with the important services he provides to us. We do not hesitate to recommend him and Ecopest.
    Barbara Bettcher
    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
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    The suite we moved into was, unfortunately, infested but thankfully we called Ecopest and they did an on-site inspection with their little dog & a very professional, polite and concerned technician. Two days later, a heat/chemical treatment was completed, and 40 days later, we had a Re-inspection performed. All went well, and there is no more sign of these pests. I am, finally, able to relax and enjoy our new home, thanks to Ecopest and their service and office personnel. And of course, the little dog. I will recommend Ecopest to anyone who experiences pest control issues. Thank you.
    Christopher Dydak
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    Great customer service provided through both phone and email contact. Had a problem with birds nesting in house vents and after providing some photos and a detailed explanation, a technician was able to provide a quote and what steps would need to be done to fix the issue. The quote was reasonable compared to other pest control companies and a service scheduled within 48 hours. The technician arrived on time and did a great job removing the birds, cleaning out the vents, and putting in barriers to prevent reentry. Very happy with the service.
    Michael Assaly - President, G.M.A. Properties Inc.
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    Boardwalk Equities Inc. has been using the services of EcoPest since 1996. During this time we have found EcoPest to be efficient in the eradication of pest situations. All arising situations are handled in a prompt and pleasant manner. Ian Dingle Director of Purchasing, Boardwalk Equities I’ve always found their work to be of the highest quality. This, combined with their professional attitude gives us what we need. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any individual or company.

    Bed Bug Pest Control

    Bed Bugs are a familiar pest people in Vancouver find due to the warm wet climate.  Bed bugs are incredibly resilient and reside in personal dwellings, businesses and vehicles; typically, bedbugs hide in mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs, or anywhere near your sleeping area. We have specialized equipment and highly trained technicians to eliminate your bed bug problem.

    Cockroach Pest Control

    Although cockroaches are not native to Vancouver, they are often brought in accidentally from warmer climates. They are a common pest due to the warm wet climate, and if not dealt with, they will multiply. They can transmit diseases, contaminate food, and induce allergies. We have time-proven methods of eliminating cockroaches; trust Ecopest to remove your cockroach infestation today!

    Mice Control / Rodent Pest Control

    Mice are the most common rodent pest found in Vancouver.  Rats are also an issue due to the warm wet climate. Mice and rats can contaminate food, spread disease and are generally undesirable in your home or workspace. Trust the experts at Ecopest to take care of your mice or rodent problem today!

    Pigeon Pest Control

    Pigeons are one of the most common pests found in cities worldwide. Pigeons are found throughout Vancouver and can be a natural pest! Ecopest has trained staff and time-proven solutions to ensure your pigeon problem gets solved. Give our skilled team a call today to find out our solutions for your pigeon problem.

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