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Getting rid of carpet beetles is costly since detecting them is a complex undertaking with specialized equipment. Due to the nature of the Carpet Beetle, it is best to consult an Ecopest beetle pest control professional technician for the best results.

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    Carpet Beetles Facts

    Carpet beetles are oval, reaching around 1/8” in length, with uneven white, brownish, and yellowish dots or a solid black shell.  While in the larvae stage, they resemble tiny reddish-brown worms, approximately 1/4″ long.  The body can appear striped with numerous fine hairs.

    Carpet beetles have 5 to 16 eggs that hatch in 18 days. It takes between 251 and 351 days to develop from larva to adult. Under ideal conditions of abundant food and warmth, the life cycle is usually one year. Carpet Beetles are most common in late spring and early summer when adult food sources, such as flowers, become available.  When homeowners bring fresh flowers into the home, the eggs come along, and the larvae begin feeding on wool, carpets, furs, etc.

    A wide variety of animal and vegetable goods, including carpets, wools, skins, furs, silk, rye, coconut and other spices, are being fed and mainly damaged by the carpet larva. However, adult beetles mainly subsist on pollen and nectar. With over 50 years of experience, Ecopest has considerable experience dealing with all sorts of Carpet Beetle Treatment in Edmonton, Regina, Calgary, Saskatoon, and throughout Canada.

    Do it yourself tips – Carpet Beetles

    Prevention of Carpet Beetles:

    There are numerous strategies to keep an infestation at bay. To deter adult Carpet Beetles, thoroughly wash pollen and nectar sources before bringing them inside the house, and remove nests of birds, bees, or rodents from surrounding the house. Cleaning carpets, furniture, and storage spaces regularly will inhibit the growth of Carpet Beetle larvae in the home.


    Control of Carpet Beetles:

    Ecopest Inc. has developed solutions to manage the Carpet beetle, and depending on the degree of the infestation, and one spray may be enough. Consult an Ecopest Inc. specialist for a comprehensive pest management program if you have a severe infestation.

    Carpet Beetles FAQs

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Carpet Beetle

    The Carpet Beetle, common in all parts of North America, measures approximately 1/8”(2 mm), with irregular white, brownish and yellowish spots.

    Yes, the larva of the Carpet Beetle feeds on and causes extensive damage to a wide variety of animal and plant products, such as carpets, woollens, skins, fur, silk, rye, cocoa, corn and various spices. Adults primarily feed on pollen and nectar.

    Carpet Beetles are most common in late spring and early summer when adult food sources, such as flowers, become available.

    No, Carpet Beetles overwinter in the stage of larva to adult. The onset of cold weather will cause the adult Carpet Beetle to move indoors.

    There are several ways to prevent an infestation. Thoroughly wash poolen and nectar sources before bringing it home, remove the nest of birds, bees or rodents from around the home to discourage adult Carpet Beetles. In the home, a program of cleaning carpets, furniture and storage areas will discourage the development of the Carpet Beetle larvae.

    Due to the nature of the pest, control can be complex and a professional should be consulted for complete results. You can contact Ecopest professionals to purchase products or to render services.

    Larder Beetle Treatment Company


    – Internal spray to basement, house and external perimeter spray

    – Purchase Eco Bug Buster + Insect Monitor traps

    However, if you continue to locate many adult Larder beetles or their larvae, you may have a Larder beetle infestation. For larder beetle control, It’s time to dial Ecopest’s number.

    Ecopest’s specialists will check your home or company to find and eliminate the food supply. We frequently discover the food source in closets or locations where woolen, silk, fur, or feathery items are. Ecopest then kills the larder beetles by applying an EPA-approved residual pesticide treatment to any cracks, crevices, and voids in closets, baseboards, moulding, and dark, isolated locations larder beetles can hide, crawl, or penetrate the structure.

    We are the most dependable pest control company in Larder Beetle Treatment Canada. As the undisputed experts in pest control service, we have significant experience dealing with Larder Beetle Treatment Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, and throughout Canada.

    Larder Beetle Facts

    Description & Biology

    Larder Beetles, as their name implies, prefer meat or meat by-products. Their food source could be decomposing animals, poultry, insects, or other non-plant materials. Mounted animals may also become infected. However, Larder Beetles can survive on other organic materials too.

    This little beetle is part of the Dermestidae family. Adults are black or brown, ranging from 6 mm to 9 mm. Their elongated flat bodies are characterized by six black points, a light brown to a yellowish horizontal band. The head is fitted with two club-formed antennas, and the thorax is joined with two pairs of wings.

    You should hire a professional pest control Company if a pest issue is out of control. Ecopest best handles larder beetle control in Canada.


    Ecopest provides a variety of pesticides used to control larder beetles on your own. There is no need to spray the walls, ceilings, or floors because insects generally hide in gaps, crevices, or food packaging. Vacuum and remove dust and debris from cracks or crevices, permitting better penetration of insecticides. The vacuum cleaner bag should be put into a plastic bag and sealed before disposal to prevent insects from spreading.