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Sow Bug Treatment in Canada


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    Sow Bug Facts


    The sowbug is dark brown or gray and measures 16 mm. Although sowbugs are principally beneficial because they assist in the breakdown of decaying organic matter, they can be a threat to young plants.  Indoors, they are more of a pest and will eventually die out.


    The female sowbug carries approximately 40 eggs on her underside until they hatch and has an average of two broods per year.  The young moult every two weeks until maturity at 20 weeks, when females become capable of reproduction.  An infestation of sowbugs can number in the thousands. Sowbugs become inactive during cold months but can live for two years. Since sowbugs prefer dampness, wet spring will encourage more outdoors.

    Damage Caused by Sowbugs:

    Generally, sow bugs come out from their harborage only at night – unless their shelter is disturbed. They feed on decomposing organic matter such as leaves and logs. They may also feed on young plants and the skin of cucumbers. They are harmless to people but can damage plants and seedlings’ feeding.

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    Sow Bug FAQs

    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Sow Bug

    Sowbugs prefer darkness and are most active at night. If die ground becomes overly moist, especially after a rainfall, you will see them moving around in the garden seeking dryer areas.

    Sowbugs prefer wet locations and live under stones, boards and vegetable debris of all kinds. Indoors, sowbugs will invade damp basement areas and wander to other areas of the home seeking moisture.

    No, sowbugs become inactive during cold months but live for two years.

    Yes. Eliminate sources of combined darkness and moisture, such as vegetable or wood debris, from your property, especially those close to the building. Proper ventilation in basement areas of the home will discourage an indoor infestation of sowbugs.

    Due to the nature of sowbugs, control can be complex, and you should consult a professional for complete results. You can contact Ecopest professionals to purchase products or to render services.