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Are you tired of pigeons in your Calgary home or business?

Ecopest Pest Control is here to help. Our experienced team has years of experience dealing with pigeon control and other pest problems. We use the latest methods, equipment, and products to get rid of pesky birds quickly and efficiently using safe materials that won’t harm you or the environment.

With our services, you can be sure that any bird problems will be solved quickly so you can enjoy a clean and stress-free space without worrying about uninvited pests daily! We also offer follow-up visits to ensure no new birds attempt to take over your property again.

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    What are pigeons, and what do they look like?

    Pigeons are a type of bird that belongs to the Columbidae family. They come in several different colours and sizes, ranging from 13-16 inches long with a wingspan of 30-36 inches wide. Their heads are smaller than their bodies, and they have dark eyes surrounded by white feathers. Pigeons can live for up to 15 years and are known to mate for life.


    What do pigeons eat?

    Pigeons feed on grains, seeds, insects, and other foods found in urban areas, such as bird seed, bread, or popcorn left out by humans. They also consume plant matter, such as leaves and grass, particularly when nesting.


    What type of damage can pigeons cause?

    Pigeons pose several risks to human health and safety, including droppings that make surfaces slippery and bacteria-ridden. Pigeon droppings also contain a fungus which can cause respiratory problems in humans exposed to it for an extended period. Pigeons can also cause damage to buildings, monuments, and other structures due to their acidic droppings, which can corrode and discolour stone surfaces over time.

    What methods do professionals use for pigeon control?

    Ecopest Pest Control uses the most effective methods to keep pigeons away from your home or business. These include physical exclusion, such as installing netting, spikes, and coils which prevent birds from roosting on the property. We also use visual deterrents such as brightly coloured balloons, reflective tape or devices, and audio repellents to discourage birds from entering your space. In extreme cases, we apply a humane method of pigeon control known as “trapping and relocation,” which helps remove and relocate birds safely from the property.

    At Ecopest Pest Control, you can be sure our experts will provide practical solutions and help make your home or business pest-free! Contact us today for more information on Calgary pigeon control services.


    The benefits of using a professional pest control company to eliminate pigeons.

    Using a professional pest control company like Ecopest to get rid of pigeons provides several benefits:

    1. Safe and practical solutions – Our team has the knowledge and expertise to identify problem areas and use safe, humane pigeon control methods to eliminate birds on your property quickly.
    2. Customized plans – We’ll work with you to develop a customized plan that works best for your specific needs and budget.
    3. Follow-up visits – We offer follow-up visits to ensure the problem is completely gone, so you can enjoy a pest-free property without worrying about uninvited birds in the future.
    4. Environmentally friendly – Our methods and materials are made from ecologically-friendly materials that won’t harm you or the environment.

    At Ecopest Pest Control, we are committed to providing top-notch service and excellent results for all your Calgary pigeon control needs.

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