Are You Annoyed With Flying Insects in Edmonton?

Flying Insect Control Service

Flies or other flying insects are not only a nuisance but can also cause a constant health threat in any given environment. Due to their breeding and feeding habits, flies are unsanitary insects that have the potential to contaminate food and other materials with germs and bacteria. Flies spread disease and can transfer more than 100 pathogens and contaminate food as they travel, causing food poisoning and even respiratory infections. These pathogens can include E. coli, salmonella, shingles and tuberculosis.

It is essential to control flies within your home or business to give your family, employees and customers peace of mind and, if a company, protect your reputation.

Our flying insect control programs are built on the principles of integrated pest management and use science-based approaches to control active fly populations and prevent future occurrences. We identify the root causes of the problem and address them with long-term solutions.

We offer effective flying insect control services across Canada, and you can rest easy knowing that Ecopest will protect your home or business professionally.

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    What We Use To Control Your Fly Problem


    Insect Light Trap

    Insect Light Traps attract flying insects by shining ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is invisible to humans but not to flies, who are highly partial and tend to fly towards it eagerly. These lights have glue boards on which the fly gets trapped, providing safe capture in food-sensitive areas. Our Technicians will determine the right place and manner to locate it for maximum control and install it for you. Our maintenance programs ensure your fly lights are always working. We check and clean them regularly, replacing glue boards as needed and light bulbs annually.


    Bio-Foaming Application

    Drain Flies feed and breed in the organic slime that coats the inside of floor drains, particularly the top and sides of pipes and places such as the hollow legs of prep tables and drip lines behind bars.
    Foam applications provide a superior method in treating drains and micro-habitats containing organic matter, delivering results where liquid treatments can’t reach. Foam will expand in a void, gallery or pipe and fill 360 degrees of that space transporting the active product into crevices and leaving no area untouched.


    Fly Bait

    An Ecopest technician can utilize fly bait as an overall control strategy depending on the flying insect species. We can use fly bait in stations to provide a subtle and effective way to control flying insects in and around your home or place of business. Our technicians can apply bait in non-food/non-feed areas of commercial food-handling establishments, dining areas, storage facilities, schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, offices and buildings at marinas, and inside dumpsters and other waste containers. These powerful fly attractants and their knock-down active ingredients ensure immediate results with residual protection in and around your facility.


    Contact & Residual Treatments

    When a fly population has been left unchecked, their sheer numbers may require a quick knock-down with a contact insecticide.  As part of an overall program, especially during the peak flying insect season, residual liquid treatments may help eliminate, and prevent fly populations around the exterior of your home or business, fly breeding areas, and resting spots.

    If you have issues with flying insects at your home or business, give Ecopest a call today to get a free quote.