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Flying Insect Light Trap

Flying Insect Control Services: Insect Light Trap

Flying insects get attracted to light because bright lights confuse and disturb their navigation senses. This is why using insect light traps to attract and trap flying insects by shining ultraviolet light is the most efficient way. Ecopest provides fly control services and installs these Insect light traps to ensure complete safety from flying insects.

 Ultraviolet light is invisible to humans but not to flying insects, who are highly attracted to it and tend to scramble towards it. These ultraviolet lights may have glue boards on which the flying insects get stuck, or they might have an electric wire grid that just kills the insect by electric current as soon as they touch it. This provides safe capture in areas where food is distributed, for example, restaurants, kitchens and other places of home and office

Ecopest technicians will determine the right place and manner to locate it for maximum flying insect control and install it for you. Our maintenance programs ensure your fly lights are always working. Ecopest technicians will check and clean these insect light traps regularly, replacing glue boards or the electric grid as needed and ultraviolet light bulbs annually.

Bio-Foaming Application

Drain Flies feed and breed in the organic slime that coats the inside of floor drains, particularly the top and sides of pipes and places such as the hollow legs of prep tables and drip lines behind bars.

Ecopest provides bio-foaming products and thus gives clients a superior way of preventing drain flies in drains and micro-habitats containing organic matter, delivering results where liquid treatments can’t reach. The bio-foam will expand in a void, gallery or pipe and fill 360 degrees of that space transporting the active product into crevices and leaving no area untouched and thus providing efficient and better prevention of drain insects.

Flies and Flying Insect Control

Flies are a nuisance. They spread germs and contaminate food. Flies are prolific breeders, capable of adapting and existing in a wide range of habitats.

Ecopest Fly prevention Program is an innovative, effective way to reduce flies. This preventative program targets explicitly areas where flies are most likely to be active, often relying on multiple approaches.

The program includes a practical and well-documented approach with a focus placed on: 

    1. Eliminating existing fly populations as quickly as possible
    2. Identifying the underlying source or sources of the problem, including structural and sanitation issues that encourage pest activity
    3. Applying spray insecticidal treatment, Insect Light Trap (Install and Maintenance) as well as Bio-Foaming
    4. Application (drain and waste bin)
Good housekeeping, including sweeping, mopping and vacuuming, will limit flying insect activity. Spray the interior of a structure and the drains for future invading. Contact Ecopest for labelled pesticide products and provide you with the best solutions against flying insects of all kinds.

Flying Insects Prevention

Flying Insect problems can be solved through investigation of breeding sites and corrective sanitary measures. Since flying insects develop in wet decaying debris, all areas where this type of material is found must be checked and thoroughly cleaned periodically, i.e. garbage pails should be emptied often and drains should be cleaned frequently.


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