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Best Control Pest Control, located in Calgary, is an industry leader in professional treatment for residential and commercial pest problems through integrated pest management, utilizing the latest techniques for pest elimination. We began in Cochrane, AB, and have been operating in the Calgary area since August 1, 1980, serving commercial, industrial and residential customers. We pride ourselves on being discreet while we work to give you some peace of mind, as we know there are negative connotations when it comes to pest control.

We believe in Integrated Pest Management – a broad-based approach that considers all pest control techniques and integrates the appropriate measures to discourage the development of pest populations while minimizing risk to humans, their animal companions, and the environment. We try to keep pesticides and other interventions to a minimum and encourage natural pest control mechanisms.

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    We specialize in indoor and outdoor Calgary pest control, including insects, rodents and birds. We also maintain a fleet of service vehicles with truck-mounted, high-pressure spraying units for tree spraying.

    Best Control Pest Control has an excellent track record of safety and compliance with Alberta Environment, and we have completed the Alberta Safety Council’s “Program Building for Small Employers Program (Partnerships in Injury Reduction),” which has led to a Certificate of Recognition (COR) Certification. We commit to health, safety, and a pest-free environment for all of our staff, customers, and the public.

    We are licensed, bonded and insured up to PROVINCIAL & FEDERAL requirements for service vendors.

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    At Best Control Pest Control, we are committed to providing the best service and ensuring that you get the best value.

    Pest control is not just about eliminating the pests, it is also about the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected. Call now to learn more and to book an appointment with our team.


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