What is the Best Pest Control for Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are microscopic blood-feeding parasite insects and are typically the size of an apple seed, about 5 to 7 millimetres long.  Although often seen in bedrooms and restaurants, you may also find them in living rooms, offices, and movie theatres.

Bed bugs are experts in hiding.  They hide in crevices, mattress folds, and between baseboards throughout the day.  When they feel healthy, they will crawl onto an innocent target – usually someone who is sleeping – and feed on their blood late at night.

Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are tiny, flat insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals, leaving itchy red scars behind.  They are most aggressive at night, and you can typically find them in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames, where they access their food supply.  They can, however, fit in spaces as small as a credit card with their flat shape and cover themselves in cracks in the ground, smoke detectors and sockets.

Here are some indications of a bed bug infestation:

  • Red, itchy skin that is exposed while sleeping
  • A strong, musty odour
  • Dark colourful feces close to hiding spots
  • And, of course, live bed bugs

If you think you have bed bugs, the first thing you can do is thoroughly check your mattress and box spring.

eliminate bed bugs
how to eliminate bedbugs

Pest Control for Bed Bug Treatment

Based in Edmonton, Ecopest has different treatment options for bed bugs, allowing even the most stubborn of bed bug pests to get eliminated.  

Among the services we have are:

  • Traditional Bed Bug Treatment: We use the conventional pesticide-based bed bug solution to remove bed bugs from all areas of the house where chemical treatment is needed.  Even if bed bugs are not present in each room, technicians must treat the whole house with this alternative to ensure that the bed bugs aren’t able to hide and wait for the pesticides to wear off.
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment: Our heat treatment is the most typical bed bug treatment alternative at Ecopest. Bed bugs are unable to survive at high temperatures.  We heat your whole house – including the furniture, walls, and carpet – to a temperature considered to be lethal to bed bugs.  This procedure is environmentally safe and helpful for bed bug removal, taking 6 to 8 hours.
  •  Bed Bug Traps: While bed bug traps are unlikely to eliminate an entire population, they allow you to assess the extent of an infestation before and after treatment.  Our bed bug traps use state-of-the-art traps that emit CO² and heat (both of which attract bed bugs) to ensure that you have bed bugs on your property and to decide the following steps.
  • Bed Bug Dogs: Bed bug dogs have a 97% success rate in detecting bed bugs.  They are the best option for those convinced they have bed bugs in the absence of symptoms or for deciding whether or not a bed bug remedy was successful.
  • Bed Bug Cold Treatment: Cold temperatures can kill bed bugs, but temperatures below -18°C (0°F) must be maintained for at least four days for the cold to reach an object and kill both bugs and eggs. Smaller objects that you find with bed bugs should be placed in a cold freezer, and the 4-day cycle can begin when the object’s center temperature approaches -18°C (0°F).  For bulkier items, it takes longer.

Cost of Pest control for Bed Bugs

The cost of bed bug elimination is rising due to supply and demand.  Unfortunately, the demand is the need to exterminate the surge of bed bugs in many cities.  The cost of treatment varies depending on the type of treatment and the environment.  Some homes require more intensive, hands-on procedures, while others require a one-time treatment.  A preference for non-toxic solutions can also affect your cost.

A FREE bed bug inspection is available from Ecopest technicians.  You will then determine whether or not to pursue the prescribed medication.  Ecopest, a leading pest control company in Edmonton, also has free follow-up treatments.  During the warranty cycle, if bed bugs reappear, a technician can return to your home free of charge and provide you with the best bed bug treatment in Canada.

Wrapping Up!

Choosing a pest management firm is crucial, regardless of the pest concern.  However, when it comes to pest control for bed bugs, it is vital to ensure that the issue gets resolved quickly and correctly the first time to guarantee the best bed bug treatment.

If you have any questions about bed bugs or want to book a treatment, give the experts at Ecopest a call today!