How Does Pest Control Get Rid of Rats?

Rats may be found all over the world, and there are over 60 kinds of rats that cohabit with humans. A few prevalent species in Canada are known to infest homes and businesses. These are the bushy-tailed woodrat (Neotoma cinerea), the Eurasian black rat (Rattus Rattus), and the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus). If you have a rat problem, one of these is most likely to blame. To get rid of rats, you must first understand the variations in their behaviour and nesting practices, which is why infestations necessitate expert solutions from Pest control for rats.

These professionals understand how to deal with various species of rats.
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Avoid Rodents Attack

People don’t encounter rats very often, yet evidence of their existence is simple to spot. It is critical to identify which rat species is present to adopt efficient control techniques or get rid of rats. Sanitation measures, rodent-proofing, and population control often include an effective rat control approach (trapping).

  1. Sanitation / Housekeeping: Rodent pests thrive in areas with easy access to food and water. Store all food in airtight containers or rooms. Garbage and trash should be sealed and secluded as well. Water and food dishes for pets or other items should not be left out overnight since this can encourage a rat infestation.
  2. Rodent proofing: As a precautionary step, a homeowner or handyman can seal any potential rodent access points into the structure to prevent rats and mice from entering. The pest controllercan supply specifications and carry out rodent proofing of the premises in more difficult home and business contexts.
    • Seal any potential access places for rodents, such as sewers and air vents.
    • Repair or replace broken ventilation screens around the foundation and underneath the eaves.
    • Provide a tight-fitting crawl space cover.
    • Seal all holes surrounding pipes, cables, and wires entering the walls or the foundation.
    • Check that any opening windows are screened and in good shape.
  3. A professional understanding of rodent behaviour is required to eliminate a problem. For example, rats avoid baiting touched by human hands because they have a keen sense of smell and are “shrewd as a rat.” Sticky traps, mechanical traps, and selective usage of the newest generation rat bait are all possible pest management techniques. Any rat baiting program should employ safety dispensers where children and pets cannot get them, such as a roof void, sealed subfloor, and storage rooms.
  4. We are extremely familiar with rodents. For example, did you know that each species prefers a particular diet and thrives in a distinct environment? Therefore, you can rely on us to use the most effective rat extermination procedures for each species. Ecopest is the leading Pest Control company for rats, available always, and can aid with emergencies.

Ecopest Professional Pest Control

At Ecopest, we will:

  • Provide you with a written inspection report and a plan of action.
  • Quotes should be based on inspection results rather than set prices.
  • If necessary, make recommendations for structural repairs.
  • Visit frequently till the task gets completed.
  • Put the bait in tamper-proof containers.
  • Educate you on how to keep rats at bay.
  • Work with you until the rats are no longer present.

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