How to Get Rid of Wasps the Safe Way

There is no doubt that wasps can be a nuisance and disturbance to home occupants. Getting rid of a nest, however, can be dangerous and even deadly if things go wrong.  Getting rid of them in a safe way is essential as one homeowner in Thunder Bay, Ontario learned recently.  “Fire crews were called to a home on Rockwood Avenue after a man poured gasoline on a nest and set it on fire, only to ignite his own home,” reported CBC news.

Obviously attempting to burn a nest is not the best way to remove it!  Here are some tips for wasp control in Edmonton in the safe way.

Consider a Wasp control professional in Edmonton

Apest control professional is the best option for removing a nest especially if you are allergic to stings, or if the nest is in a difficult to reach location, such as inside a wall or attic or underneath a concrete slab.

It is true that stings can be dangerous, even deadly if you are stung multiple times – even if you are not allergic to the stings!  If you decide to remove the nest on your own, careful planning is required.

Dress for the part

In order to reduce the likelihood of being stung, it is important to wear protective clothing when you attempt to get rid of a wasp’s nest. Try to cover all open areas of the body by wearing long jeans, socks and boots, a sweater with the hood pulled over your head and gloves.  To protect the head and face, wrap a scarf around your neck and mouth and wear ski goggles or protective glasses over your eyes.

Keep pets and children safe

If you decide to use a pesticide spray or powder to kill them, it’s important to make sure the area stays clear of small children or pets for at least for 24 hours.   Dispose of any dead ones that you find on the ground near the nest as these killing products are extremely poisonous, and can be harmful to pets and children.

Timing of year and time of day is important

The best time in the year to destroy a nest is as early in the year as possible.  In the spring, the nest is smaller and the wasps are less aggressive. Toward the end of summer, theyare more aggressive as next year’s queens are being born.

If you do not find the nest until late summer or fall you may not need to destroy the nest at all.  If freezing occurs in your area, the colony will die off naturally and you can easily dispose of the nest in the winter.  Then make plans to prevent nesting on your property next year.

If you are planning to get rid of a nest yourself, it is best to do it at night or in the very early morning. This is when the wasps are least active, so their reaction time is slower, and they are less aggressive. However, the surest way is to look for a professional in Edmonton in Wasp Control.

Plan an escape route

Before you spray the nest, plan an escape route and make sure the path to safety is clear, because they will quickly start to stream out of the nest while you spray and may swarm at you. Quickly take cover after targeting the nest and wait at least 24 hours before observing the nest to see if it is safe to approach and remove.

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