Home remedies for household pests and flying insects

Home remedies for household pests and flying insects

  For many reason pests periodically invade kitchen as soon as the weather warms up and we all want them gone as soon as possible, but at the same time, many of us don’t like using the chemical bug killer because they are toxic and many of us are allergic to them. This is when we all need help of fly control services because to use chemicals by ourselves can be dangerous for us.

Talking about pests, we have all seen the army of flies coming from who knows where and that when we know we need professional Fly Control Services.

Almost all of us have come across the spiders lurking around in a cabinet and bed bugs keeping us awake at night and going to the professional pest control services is the best way to really get rid of these pests efficiently and thoroughly.

While Fly control services can be hired for pest control in Calgary but there are some times you can apply before the pest control services come and make your house and office pest free professionally

Home Remedies for Pests

These are some of the easy solutions for household pests like flies that are very  effective for controlling pests and can be used till the fly control services arrive.

1. Garlic
Peel a few cloves and put them in cupboards, and in corners of the room to prevent pests. Periodically replace the cloves with new ones once they drying.
2. Cayenne
Sprinkle cayenne pepper around the area where ants are coming from.

3. Cinnamon
Cinnamon oil is very effective against pests. Applying Cinnamon Oil where flies are seen acts as a good method to fly control. Applying undiluted cinnamon oil with a cotton swab or just keeping a cotton swab soaked in cinnamon oil will help in getting rid of pests.

4. Coffee grounds
Sprinkling grounded coffee in places where pests are entering the house.

5. Bay leaves
For moths and other cupboard pests, bay leaves act as an amazing pest control. Replace Bay leaves when the scent start to fade.

6. Cucumber
Slices on counters or other places will help to repel ants.

7. Citrus
Oils which have fragrance of citrus fruits like orange and lemon are great pest deterrents.

You can make a natural spider control spray by combining citrus oil, soaps, and water.

Pure, undiluted citrus juice can also be sprayed around cracks to control pests. Placing lemon and orange peels in cupboards, help deter pests. Peels of citrus fruits are also effective for moths.

8. Vinegar
Washing floors with vinegar or leaving vinegar in bowls in fly infested areas deter the flies and bugs. Adding essential oils provide added benefit.

9. Cornmeal
Cornmeal works just like coffee grounds. Sprinkling cornmeal around a area helps deter ants from entering house.

10. Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus leaves and essential oil can be used to deter bugs, silverfish and flies. Eucalyptus oil has been shown to have a deterrent effect on flies and mosquitoes.


While pests and bugs can be controlled by these domestic remedies mentioned above it is always better to take services of professional pest control service for pest control in Edmonton to get rid of pests in an efficient and easy way.

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Calgary: (587) 393-6991
Red Deer: (403)-340-3652

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