Ecopest Story On Edmonton Journal- Effect of Temperature on Mice

When the temperature starts to dip and autumn approaches, The people of Edmonton will be overseeing, with a few more seriousness, to the refreshing heat of centrally burnt houses.

Now you will see more mouse activities and this situation Bait disease as the climate goes cooler.

Whenever Construction activity starts around the city it could also be driving the furry critters into the open area, because their homes are interrupted by the work.

If you are also facing a mouse problem don’t worry there are few options that you can use. You can use Bait around outside of your house to prevent mice from creeping in and nets can be set up.

With hygiene issues and the possibility of infestation, mice issues shouldn’t be taken lightly, said Sameer Thawer, the operations manager for Ecopest. Once they establish a foothold, it can be tough to get them out. A few traps aren’t going to cut it if the mice forge a trail into a building.

“The key thing about mice, is they establish pheromone trails and once the trails are established, your mice problem will continue to be there until you put some sort of a barrier to their entry,” said Thawer.

That’s the key to solving the problem, said Thawer. Traps can mitigate it, but the only way to stop them entirely is sealing off their entrance.

Ecopest suggests people in charge of commercial buildings put bait outside whether they’ve seen evidence of mice or not. No matter what you do, mice will be poking around for food somewhere and it serves as an alternate food source.

“They will always be looking for food,” said Thawer, and buildings are always full of food, so mouse control can be a Sisyphean task.

“You can’t get rid of mice. That’s why we never say mice elimination, we always say mice control, because you can never eliminate mice,” said Thawer.

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