How do exterminators get rid of mice?

Mice Exterminators

Are you annoyed by mice in your residency area and want to get rid of them quickly? If your reaction to this statement is ‘yes,’ then the best and effective method to control rat infestation at your home is to give a buzz to mice exterminators. Their effective techniques will help you to get rid of mice issues in no time. Remember, mice extermination is an arduous process, don’t try DIY methods to get rid of it. Before asking for professional help, look at what exactly mice exterminators do to make your home mice-free.

Examine their entry points

The first and the foremost step a professional mice exterminator do is analyzing your living area to find out from where mice penetrate your living space. Inspecting your whole living space is a time-consuming and daunting task. To make your work easier, they survey the windows and walls of your home because mice usually create a void in the wall and travel through it. Once they have found the entry points of these creepy rats, they will seal them off with wire mesh or hardware cloth.

Use of mouse traps

Now comes the next important step to lay around mice traps in your house. You might think that you can place mice traps then why do we need to hire mice exterminators to do the job? We must notify you that a mice exterminator explores the hidden area where you can place the mouse traps. They will place the traps in a discreet way around your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement area.

Use of bait stations

If your house is infested with a larger population of mice, the professionals will highly recommend using bait stations in your living space. Usually, a bait station includes rodenticide in a sealed plastic or cellophane packet. As soon as the mice contact the bait stations, they start chewing the packet and eating the bait. The bait acts as a poisonous chemical to mice and leads to its death. If you live with your pet, mice exterminators will make sure your pet doesn’t contact the bait stations.

Mice fumigation

If your home is severely infested with the mice population, then the last method a mice exterminator will use is ‘mice fumigation.’Don’t risk your and your family’s health by performing the method on your own. If your residential area law allows mice to fumigate, the mice exterminators will ask you to leave your living space for a few days. They will spread poison to your entire space to kill the rats and then wipe out your home after the process is completed.


So if you are dealing with harmful creatures at your home, call up for help immediately. 1,3-Dichloropropene, Methyl Isocyanate, Phosphine, Chloropicrin, Sulfuryl Fluoride, Aluminum Phosphide, Magnesium Phosphide, and Methyl Bromide are some most common chemicals used by mice exterminators to help your house get rid of mice and rats permanently. Companies like Ecopest can help you get rid of mice without any hassle. You can even try to inspect your home after a set time not to return the mice infestation.

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